Be A Stealth Airsoft Bb Gunner

An Airsoft brand weapon is a pellet shooting replica of a weapon first created by the Japanese in the 1980s. To participate in an Airsoft “war game” without becoming a casualty, find ways to remain undiscovered by the enemy. By practicing stealth, you will be able to approach your targets without fear of detection, take them out and be victorious. A bit of preplanning and preparation is all that is needed.


1. Empty your pockets of coins and other objects that can make sounds when you are moving. Pour spare Airsoft ammo in a sock to muffle the sound while carrying it.

2. Wear camouflage clothing, including a hat, that is appropriate for the locale where the “war game” will take place. The type of camouflage for a wooded area such as a forest will be different than that for rocky terrain.

3. Move slowly and hug the ground as much as possible to avoid betraying yourself through movement that catches the eye.

4. Memorize hand signal commands that will enable you and your team members to communicate with each other without calling out. Your voice is not an asset in stealthy maneuvers.

5. Paint your Airsoft gun a dull gray color, if the weapon is a bright color initially, so that it does not call attention to itself.

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