Be An Airsoft Sniper & A Spotter

Fire your Airsoft gun while remaining hidden from your oponnents.

Created by manufacturers to replicate the designs of real firearms, the Airsoft gun uses small plastic pellets as ammunition. Although the pellets may sting on impact, the bullets are nonlethal and generally used for recreation. According to The Airsoft Gun, Japanese gun enthusiasts created the earliest models of these nonlethal weapons in the late 1970s. Practice sniping and spotting techniques to master your Airsoft gun.


1. Carry your Airsoft sniping supplies to an outdoor location that features flat terrain. Place an assembled cardboard box onto the ground.

2. Rest three to five plastic cups upside down onto the top of the cardboard box. Walk 30 to 40 steps away from your target practice station. Lower your Airsoft sniper rifle onto the ground beside you.

3. Place your right knee onto the ground while keeping your left foot flat. Stretch your left leg to form a 90 degree angle. Reverse this sniper shooting stance if you have a dominant left hand.

4. Lift the butt of your Airsoft gun to your shoulder. Place the forefinger of your dominant hand around the trigger.

5. Place your eye over the your sniper rifle scope. Pull the trigger slowly while aiming for the first cup. Attempt to hit the cup in one shot. Repeat the shooting process with the remaining two cups.

6. Reset your cups onto the cardboard box to continue your target practice training. Practice until you can knock down the cups in three shots.

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7. Lay with your stomach against the ground to practice another vital shooting stance. Use your elbows to stabilize your Airsoft gun as you practice in the laying position.

8. Perform the duties of a spotter for your teammate during a battle. Utilize a pair of binoculars to spot any of your approaching opponents.

9. Inform your shooter about the movements of your rival team members. Make sure that your opponents have not spotted your sniping position. Tell your shooter to take the shot as your opponents walk into range. Abandon your position after making a few successful shots.