Be Stealthy In Airsoft

Camouflage is very important for stealthy players.

Players engage in pitched simulated combat with imitation firearms that fire plastic pellets in the extreme team sport of airsoft. Airsoft teams work together to hone their tactics and gain the advantage over other players. One of the more important elements in an airsoft player’s arsenal is stealth. Being stealthy gives a player the ability to fire upon and remove enemy combatants without giving away their position. Stealthy players get into excellent firing positions and then quickly move away before their target’s teammates close in on them.


1. Stay low as you move or hold position. Opponents can easily see someone who rises above barriers or other terrain obstacles. Keeping close to the ground reduces your profile and gives your enemy a far more difficult target.

2. Move slowly unless you are closing on an enemy. Slow movements are far less likely to draw the eyes of the opposing team toward your position. Advance rapidly only when you are closing on an opponent who has given away his position, and be mindful that this may be a trap.

3. Wear appropriately camouflaged gear. Wood camouflage won’t be effective in an urban setting, nor will black help you in most wooded areas. Choose the correct coloration for your surroundings.

4. Use compact, quiet weapons. Airsoft sniper rifles and spring-firing pistols are ideal for stealth. Snipers may pick off opponents from afar without any fear of their weapon sounds giving them away. Spring-loaded weapons are far quieter than electronic or gas-powered guns.

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5. Keep quiet and use hand signals or other non-verbal communication with your teammates. Many units will work out hand signals such as those used by modern military operations so that they can quickly share information and tactics wordlessly.