Be Stealthy In Forests

Finding wildlife in a forest can be tricky. Some common animals may be easy to spot. However others are wary of humans and run away to hide when they hear you coming. Moving with stealth in a forest is the best way to spot some animals and birds before they spot you. Read on to learn be stealthy in forests.


1. Choose clothing that is made of natural material. Select fabrics such as cotton or wool instead.

2. Wear clothing in shades of brown or olive green. Locate clothing appropriate for the season, or consider buying clothing with forest camouflage patterns already printed on it.

3. Select soft-soled shoes and rounded edges. Make less of an impact on objects under your feet. Moccasins may be appropriate for summer use, or rubber-soled shoes may work best if the weather is cold or damp.

4. Walk where the ground is relatively clear of sticks and leaves. Refrain from pushing through areas of thick vegetation, bushes or trees. Use man-made or game trails if they are available.

5. Observe your environment as you walk. If you see an animal or bird, stop moving until you’re certain your visibility is obscured. Make all movements slowly to not attract attention.

6. Speak softly when you must talk. When traveling with a partner or group, agree on some hand signs you can make to indicate which direction you are going, or to warn others if you spot an animal or bird.

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