Become A Professional Paintballer

Do you have some skill paintballing? Want to become a pro? Learn how!!


1. First make sure you have a decent gun, it doesn’t need to cost a thousand dollars, I became a pro using a spyder electra, which i still use however it has been severly modified, make sure you know your gun and work it very well, but remember true talent is what you need more. Have your team work on speed ball and becoming excellent at accuracy.

2. Next you need to get your reputation up wherever you live, if you live in a smaller town such as I did try to travel to nearby tournaments and compete, pro’s are always at these tournaments, however make sure you and your team are very good, these guys will be much harder than the local teams.

3. If you play well in the tournament a sponsor will talk to you and supply your team with guns and everything you need.

4. For you to become pro you need to get your reputation up a lot, continue to train your team and make them as good as possible, keep going to tournaments and as a better sponsor comes along take it. Sponors bring you to the top.

5. Always stay with your team, don’t leave to another one. I was offered a place at team WGP, which I refused, because I didn’t want to leave my friends whom I’ve been paintballing with for years.

6. Don’t stop ever, things will try to stop you, but overcome them and join us at the top!

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