Become An Airsoft Distributor

Airsoft is a military style war game that pits combatants against each other in a variety of situations. These combatants use replica firearms that fire 6-mm plastic pellets. Demand for these weapons has skyrocketed, according to The Arizona Republic, and many people are looking for advice on get involved in the field.


1. Determine your storage capacity. If you are going to sell these guns, you need to have a place to keep a healthy number of them in stock. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a business location; many people choose to work out of their homes. The space just has to be large enough to hold a decent inventory.

2. Contact a wholesaler. This can be the manufacturer (good language skills are helpful here, as most manufacturers are based in Asia) or a wholesaler in the U.S. Find out what the wholesaler has to offer, and create a list of what you would like to purchase.

3. Place orders for the weapons from various wholesalers and manufacturers. It is a good idea to keep the inventory varied, with different pricing levels and gun types. This way, there is potential to attract more business.

4. Advertise your services, and start selling. Since you purchased the weapons wholesale, you can add a pretty substantial markup on them, and hopefully turn a profit pretty quickly. Be aware of state laws and firearm codes in the areas where you are selling. It isn’t worth breaking the law to make a few extra bucks.

5. Evaluate your successes (or failures) with the first round of products. Make changes as needed.

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