Become An Airsoft Gun Dealer

Airsoft is a team sport that attempts to simulate the conditions of a real-life firefight. The game uses replica weapons that shoot 6 mm plastic BBs. Since the sport’s popularity has expanded in the U.S., many retailers are trying to import and distribute airsoft guns.


1. Obtain a business license from your local authorities. In order to legally import and distribute, you must first have permission from the proper channels to operate a business. Most wholesalers also will not ship products to you without proof of a valid license.

2. Determine your market. Since airsoft guns come in many different types and levels of quality, knowing what you are likely to sell the most of allows you to maximize your future profit.

3. Contact an online wholesaler. While calling each individual company may save a few dollars in the long run, placing a monthly order with an online wholesaler can save a lot of time and energy. The wholesaler will do all of the legwork for you without all that much markup on the product, and should a problem arise, it means only one party is responsible. Some wholesalers require a dealer application; if this is the case, simply fill in the application and submit it.

4. Place a wholesale order for the guns you want in your inventory.

5. Set prices for each item and then open for business.