Become An Auction Sniper

Auction sniping is a technique that allows bidders to win the most coveted items for sale on auction sites. Once you start auction sniping, you will begin winning more items at lower prices.


1. Find an item and watch the auction closely. Check daily on the current highest bid and keep in mind the time that the auction is coming to an end.

2. Place your bid for the item at the last possible second. This last minute bid will ensure that other buyers will not have enough time to bid against you.

3. Win the item at a lower cost by avoiding bidding wars that can occur between other auction users. Auction sniping can also help reduce the number of incidences of bid chasing. Bid chasing is when an existing bid will encourage other auction users to place a bid on an item.

4. Use an online company to perform auction sniping on your behalf. The way that these companies work is that the user provides the site with their maximum bid for an item and they place the bid on your behalf, a few seconds before the auction ends. Most sites are simple to sign up for and you only need to provide the item number, maximum bid and the timing of the bid.

5. Purchase a software package that assists you with auction sniping. These programs allow you to track all of your auctions and then will place the bid at the last possible second before the auction ends.

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