Become Popular At Summer Camp

Being popular at summer camp will make the entire experience so much more worthwhile and memorable. You’ll leave with friends that you want to keep in touch with year around. You’ll also look forward to returning next summer. Follow these steps to learn how.


1. Pack appropriately. You’re going to outside in the wilderness, so make sure you have a backpack full of comfortable, but trendy duds. For the girls, do capris and shorts, a pair of jeans, lightweight tops, tanks and a cute bathing suit to attract the guys. For the guys, some cool t-shirts and shorts will work.

2. Bring all the products you need to stay nice and clean. No one with bad hygiene will be popular at summer camp. Pack what you need for your hair and body, and take as many showers as you can.

3. Opt for comfortable but cute shoes. Flats or Vans would work well in the wilderness; try flip-flops for the pool.

4. Be upbeat and introduce yourself to people. The best way to be popular at camp is to meet as many people as possible. Ask people to do things with you. Be interested and interesting.

5. Set trends. Don’t try to mimic how other popular people act. That comes across as desperate. Instead, try to be better than they are. If a popular girl is preppy and giggly, act cool, calm and collected.

6. Flirt a little, if you’re over the age of 14. Treat guys the same way you treat girls, by being friendly and interesting.