Berber Carpet Cleaning Solution

Berber Carpet Cleaning Solution

Berber carpet retains moisture because its loops and weaves trap dirt and takes longer to dry than other carpets. It can’t be thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming, and it shouldn’t be wet over and over again during wet-extraction cleaning, according to website. And manufacturers may recommend different cleaning solutions based on the type of fibers used in their Berber products. Does this Spark an idea?

Berber Carpet Fibers

Berber carpeting that is 100 percent wool or nylon is considered higher quality Berber carpeting–and more likely to keep looking good for years, even after repeated cleanings–than Berber made from other fibers or fiber combinations. This includes Berber made from less than 100 percent of the preferred Berber fibers wool and nylon, according to the website.

Cleaning Berber

According to, the preferred cleaning method for Berber is wet extraction. However, any carpet stains should be addressed at the time of the stain–not left to wait for entire room carpet cleaning. And since stains, dirt and spills can get trapped beneath the Berber’s tight weave, carpet pretreatment (prior to limited wet extraction) helps limit the amount of wet extraction needed while working to remove dirt and oil.

Stain Removal Solution

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), stains should be cleaned based on what caused the stain, if the stain cause is identifiable. The CRI’s website provides consumers with immediate access to recommended solutions to use based on the stain type. These can include dry-cleaning fluid, nail polish remover, liquid dishwashing detergent and either vinegar or an ammonia solution.

But before treating any stain with the recommended solution, a pretest should take place in which the solution is applied to a small area of the stain first. This will determine if the solution could damage the fibers or the dye color of the Berber before the rest of the solution is applied.

Pretreatment and Cleaning Solutions

A high-traffic pretreatment solution is the next step in cleaning Berber carpet. Using this type of solution before the actual cleaning process will serve to loosen oil and dirt that have penetrated deep into the carpets fibers before wet extraction is performed, according to

The solution used for pretreatment, as well as overall Berber carpet cleaning, should be based on the Berber carpet manufacturer’s cleaning directions, since Berber can be made from different types of fibers–wool, nylon–as well as combinations of fibers (known as blends). Each of these fibers can respond differently to different types of cleaning solutions.


Wet extraction should be limited to one pass (one dispensing of the solution and hot water), due to Berber’s ability to retain moisture. Limiting the amount of solution will help prevent mold and the destruction of the Berber. Several vacuuming passes should be made, thereafter, to assure the solution and moisture have been completely removed from the Berber, however.