Big Paintball Scenario Games

Paintball fields occasionally host large-scale paintball events which are played under special rules, often to recreate a hypothetical situation, either fictional like a zombie outbreak or historical like a famous battle. These big events host numbers into the hundreds, far larger than a standard paintball game.

The Giant Big Game

The Giant Big Game is a paintball event which takes place from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, and features a war-like atmosphere, with everything from field-approved ghillie suits on individual players to paintball tanks and paintball mines. The Giant Big Game is a family event, and camping out at the field in designated camping areas is permitted on the night before the event, with no swearing or alcohol consumption allowed in the camping areas.

Jungle Rumble Scenarios

The Jungle Rumble games are a series of big games run by Splat Tag, Inc. Jungle Rumble games take place on the last Sunday of every month from March to October. The scenario for the game changes every month, making each experience a new one. Jungle Rumble games are frequented by experienced players and are not the ideal games for beginners.

Skirmish USA

Skirmish USA runs large-scale scenario games in Pennsylvania, with the theme of the game changing with each new iteration of the event. One example is the Stalingrad Scenario, run in March 2010 and based on the attempted German invasion of the Russian city of Stalingrad in a bitter World War II Winter. Skirmish USA games are very detailed, with more complex goals set out than simply shooting the opposing team, and feature detailed record keeping.

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Resident Evil Big Game

The Resident Evil Big Game is a yearly event which is styled around the popular video game franchise Resident Evil, which are zombie games which allow the players to control gun-wielding agents fighting an army of the undead. In the paintball version, there are two teams in play, a team of zombies and a team of humans. Human players that are hit by a zombie become infected, and join the zombie team. Zombies that are hit are killed, and leave the field where they await the chance to be reinserted as a human again.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal games are big-game events with themes based on the time of the year during which the event is taking place. Splat Tag, Inc., for example host themed games near both Halloween and Valentine’s Day. The Halloween game encourages the participation of players decked out in Halloween costumes, whereas the Valentine game is themed after the famous Valentine’s Day Massacre.