Birthday Ideas For Adults And Children

Birthdays provide the date to focus on who is really important in our lives.

What is considered the “ideal” birthday party can vary greatly from one person to the next. The good news is that planning that special party to recognize someone’s significance need not be difficult. With an abundance of companies that cater to birthday parties, the only challenge becomes settling on the one that best describes the person. Does this Spark an idea?

Young Children

For younger children consider hosting a birthday party at home using the child’s preferred theme. If the child is interested in Sponge Bob Squarepant then rent a costume for the child and use party supplies that incorporate that theme. When the interest is in having Sponge Bob show up to the party, consider hiring an entertainer. If running around is the key to a successful party for the youngster then celebrate at an indoor playground for hours of climbing, running and sliding. If the child is fascinated with animals, consider a party at the local zoo or hire a mobile zoo service to bring exotic animals to the home. (Reference 1 & 2)


Party planners may cater to this group by offering laser tag or parties at a local movie theater. Laser tag offers group participation combined with light effects and fog. Movie theaters offer a private party room with a variety of food options and reserved seating in the auditorium for the VIP treatment. (Reference 3 & 4)

Teens and Young Adults

For partygoers seeking more excitement (or more relaxation), consider a paintball party or a spa party. Paintball provides the thrill of group participation with “bullets” that shoot up to 300 feet per second. Full gear is required for safety and waivers are usually required before entry. For more of a pampering experience, consider a party at the spa that offers massage, face treatments and manicures. Mobile spa services send trained staff to the home with the various treatments options. (Reference 5)

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Mature Adults

Adults may consider hosting a casino party at home or renting a hall with mobile casino companies that can supply all the tables, games, decorating and dealers to keep the games going. If the party is to mark a momentous birthday such as 40 or 50, consider a cruise or vacation. Recapture the feeling of youth with a weekend road trip. Point the car in any direction and drive for the day before turning around to come home. (Reference 6)