Birthday Parties For Boys In Massachusetts

Encourage boys to help set up decorations for preparty excitement.

Planning any boy’s celebration requires considering the birthday person’s individual tastes and preferences. Consider using one theme to make decorations, cake and activities or games easier to select. Send active kids who enjoy being outdoors into the backyard for a pool party or to the park for a barbecue and hire entertainment that comes to you. If traveling to a business location for your party, check prices to find out about package deals before inviting guests. Does this Spark an idea?

Video Game Party

Boys who love video games will enjoy trying their hand at new games in the comfort of their own home or local park. Games 2U Entertainment is one such company that suits the needs of video game junkies. For $400 or so it will bring to your location all the large television screens and necessary tools for the birthday boy to engage in technological battle. Laser tag, a giant hamster ball and “booger wars” are additional applicable options. Party price includes a trained game coach to make sure participants understand games and have fun.

Martial Arts Extravaganza

A martial arts celebration suits boys who already love martial arts as well as boys who are simply active and interested in the idea of checking out the sport. Numerous area martial arts schools are available for hourly rental. Kids enjoy private instruction in karate and preplanned scheduled active games. T&P Martial Arts in Arlington, for instance, has a karate party with a short magic show, games and balloon animals.

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Paintball Party

Boys that love to spend their time running around acting out scenes or ideas that they see and act out in video games will enjoy a birthday paintball party. There are paintball companies in Massachusetts that provide all necessary equipment and services required. Both indoor and outdoor fields are available for parties in any season. Wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and bring a change for the ride home. Ask about private areas to enjoy cake and presents.

At-Home Celebration

To host an at-home celebration schedule activities, games and food time ahead of the big day. Numerous options for entertainment are available dependent upon your child’s age and personal preferences. Whether your birthday boy is an intellect who loves magic or an active guy who enjoys sports and being active several private companies hire out personal entertainers. Pay per hour or per show rates and request special details that accommodate the birthday boy’s individual taste. Costumed characters, clowns and balloon artists apply.