Birthday Party Ideas By Age

Play a friendly round of paintball for the next birthday party.

Party planners can come up with a great idea for a birthday party for any age by using the interests of the guest of honor as a guide for the party’s theme. Host a birthday party at a water park for water lovers or at a sports stadium for the sports enthusiast. For a party on a budget, have it at home and decorate the party area to match the theme. Does this Spark an idea?


Have a birthday party based on a child’s favorite television show characters. Party planners can purchase supplies that coordinate with the theme, and adults at the party can dress up to resemble the characters from the show. Keep the party activities in line with the theme as well.

For example, for a show about an explorer, have a treasure hunt and then have children decorate a small backpack for their future adventures. Fill another backpack with prizes and have each child reach inside to guess one of the items. Each child who guesses correctly keeps the prize. Play a round of freeze dance or musical chairs to the television show‘s theme song.

For a party on a frivolous budget, provide each child with themed costumes to wear throughout the party and to bring home afterward.

Ages 6 to 13

Outdoor adventure parks can be an appropriate choice for children who enjoy games and rides. For example, Adventureland offers birthday parties that include an hour in a private party area for lunch and gifts, and an hourlong unlimited rides pass, with the option of upgrading to an all day pass. Party hats, candy and napkins are included and all clean up is handled by the staff.

Teen Party

Laser tag parties offer teens the ability to participate in a private space-age video game. Opponents hide from one another and seek out the enemy in the dark with weapons that cannot harm anyone. Hunting grounds can include multilevel facilities with thousands of square feet to create hours of hunting and being hunted.

Teens also can spend a birthday party having paintball wars with one another. For example, Extreme Paintball provides 75 acres of play area and privately owned paintball guns can be brought in as long as they shoot less than 300 feet per second.

Adult Party

For an adult birthday party, have a casino night. This party can be hosted at home, if space permits, or consider renting a hall. Rent tables and casino games, such as slots, blackjack and poker tables, and keno boards. Include poker chips with the invitations to use with games and at the bar. Decorate the hall to resemble a casino and select music appropriate to the theme. Dealers will be needed, so consider asking fellow party planners to take turns or hiring inexpensive staff to assist for the evening. To give an authentic, high-class casino feel to the evening, state on the invitations that it is a black-tie affair and be prepared to hear a lot of, “the name is Bond.”