Birthday Party Ideas For Tween Boys

Throw a paintball party for your tween boy.

Tween boys are at an awkward stage between childhood and teenage years where wanting to be cool or trendy is important. There are several tween party ideas and themes that will make both adults and tweens happy. These range from simple, at-home party ideas to more extreme (yet safe) adventures your tween will always remember. Does this Spark an idea?

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt for all the tween boys. Make it a video scavenger hunt with a list of actions and things that the boys have to videotape. Give each action or item a points value based on how difficult it is to capture. The group or person who earns the most points wins.

Mystery Dinner

Set up a mystery dinner where each guest is assigned an identity, and they must all work to figure out who the mystery murderer is amongst the guests. Tweens will love the excitement and mystery of being a part of a whoddunit.


Take the tweens out for a game of paintball. Boys love playing adventure and challenge-based games. Create teams and have the teams face off against one another.

Laser Tag

Play laser tag at a facility set up for the game or at a home residence. Make it more difficult by playing in the dark so no one can see anything besides the laser pointer.

Sporting Event

Take a group of tween boys to a sporting event such as a minor league baseball game or hockey game. Rent out a private room where you can serve food and cake while the boys can still watch the game. They’ll enjoy being in the action while also having some freedom to be loud and have fun.

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