Blowgun Laws

Blowgun users should be aware of the dangers invloved with the weapon.

Users of blowguns should always take safety precautions and, before ordering one, make sure they have the legal right to possess one in the state they reside. Residents in states that do allow blowguns are not allowed to carry them as concealed weapons.


Blowguns are illegal in some areas, including New York City.

While blowguns are legal in some states, other states prohibit them altogether. California, Massachusetts and New York City ban both the sale and possession of blowguns, as well as the sale and possession of blowgun darts.


Penalties for owning a blowgun in Massachusetts include jail time.

The penalties for possessing a blowgun vary in the states that prohibit them. Under California Penal Code Section 12582, anyone found in possession of a blowgun will be convicted of a misdemeanor. In Massachusetts, those caught with a blowgun will receive a maximum fine of $50 and a maximum jail sentence of two and a half years.


Although California outlaws blowguns for the majority of their residents, other residents may legally possess them. For example, zookeepers and those who work for the Department of Fish and Game may legally poses blowguns for the purpose of their work, as may animal control officers.