Boys’ 16th Birthday Themes

The 16th birthday is a milestone in a teenager’s life. It is the beginning of real independence — the age at which most people can get a driver’s license and a job to earn an independent income. This is something to celebrate. Girls typically have a Sweet 16 party. For a young man, however, a “Super 16” party is in order, with a significant theme corresponding to his specific interests. Does this Spark an idea?


Many boys become enamored with cars when they are in their teens, so celebrate that interest, and his ability to drive, with a car-themed 16th birthday party. The party can be held at home or at a local restaurant decorated with sports cars and model cars. If he has already gotten a driver’s license, rent a car that he can drive with friends and a parent or other family member over 21 years of age.


Invite his closest friends over for a movie-themed 16th birthday party. Rent a few of their favorite movies and let them stay up all night watching the flicks. Provide snacks, popcorn and sodas. Give out movie passes as the invitation that guests must turn in upon arrival at the party. Decorate the house with movie posters. If you don’t want to turn your house into a movie theater, give the kids some money to hit up the local theater and watch a few movies there.

Super 16

Celebrate your son’s 16th birthday with a “Super 16” party. Throw a house party, celebrate at a local teen dance club or host a backyard swim party for him and all his friends. A Super 16 party is more informal than a girl’s Sweet 16 party. Invite a local DJ to provide entertainment for your house or swim party. Consider having the event catered to keep the work minimal for mom. Encourage his new level of independence by letting older siblings or young adult relatives, like a cousin, chaperone the party — keep parental involvement to a minimum.

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Give your 16-year-old a guy’s weekend with an outdoor-themed party and weekend excursion. Take him camping or on a paintball adventure. Let him invite several friends to go camping either in the back yard or at a local campsite. Boys generally love competition. Plan a birthday party at a local paintball facility. Many paintball locations offer private party packages.