Break In An Rxp

Jet skis require proper maintenance, especially when they are brand new.

The RXP is a jet ski, or Sea-Doo, manufactured by Bombardier. If you recently purchased this product, you are probably eager to hit the water and take it for a test run. However, it is extremely important that you curb your enthusiasm a little. This watercraft requires a break-in period, a small window of time where you cannot operate the vehicle at full speed. It is the same concept as warming up before you exercise. Failure to warm up can result in strains or injuries. The same applies for an RXP.


1. Pour five gallons of gasoline and 16 ounces of Bombardier Rotax injection oil into the fuel tank, then fill the tank completely.

2. Operate the engine. Once you are on the water, cruise and accelerate intermittently. Do not exceed three-fourths throttle.

3. Continue the break-in process for 10 hours. This does not have to be done in a single stretch. Keep track of your sessions until they total 10 hours.