Browser 3d Games

Your Internet browser is all you need to play some 3D games.

With their realistic graphics, 3D video games give you an enhanced game play experience that puts you right in the action. 3D games are available in many different genres, including simulation, shooting, racing and sports. Playing a 3D game doesn’t have to involve buying a game from a store. Plenty of 3D games are available on the Internet and playable within your browser.

Perfect 11 Soccer

“Perfect 11 Soccer” is a multiplayer 3D soccer game that allows you to control a soccer team against the computer or another online player. Game play is controlled by using keyboard keys. Unregistered users can play the trial version and play a soccer game against the computer. Players can register for a free account to gain access to full-featured game, which unlocks the multiplayer option, team selection, stadium options and community interaction. Tournaments are scheduled periodically; check the game’s website for the schedule.


“FooPets” is a virtual pet game with realistic 3D graphics. To play, you must create an account. After registration, you enter a pet store, where you can play with several different cats and dogs. Chose a pet with witch you’d like to play. Feed your pet and give it water to earn points and advance to the next level. Pet the animal by moving the cursor on its body to earn more points. Your pet will play with toys, sleep and even run up to the screen to give you kisses. Turn your computer’s sound on; pets make realistic barking and meowing noises. Paid memberships are available and allow you to adopt pets from the store, breed pets and decorate rooms.

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InvinciCar Online

“InvinciCar Online” is a 3D multiplayer car racing game presented by NPlay. New players of this game can chose from a small selection of cars. As you progress through the game, more cars become unlocked and can be bought with game money earned by winning races. You can chose from racing against random players or create a race for your friends to join. All cars are customizable–options include paint color, body artwork, rims, window tint and a choice of spoilers. You must register for a free membership to play this game.

Paradise Paintball

“Paradise Paintball” is a free, first-person paintball shooting game set in the Caribbean. Game play is controlled using your keyboard. Chose from five paintball weapons, including a hand gun, machine gun and a rocket launcher. When you begin the game, you’re automatically assigned to a team of players who are currently online. Working as a team, your goal is to take out the other team. Earn coins by shooting other players and winning paintball matches. Use your coins to buy upgraded items, such as clothing, armor and weapons. These items make your paintball character stronger and more difficult to take out of the game. Additionally, special items can be bought with actual money.