Build A 4 Gun Rack

Do-it-yourselfers can build a four gun rack out of just four pieces of lumber. However, the project does require cutting the complex curves to two of the pieces and requires the use of a scroll or jig saw in addition to the more standard saw, drill, screwdriver and tape measure. The project still falls within the ability level of even new builders if they work slowly and carefully.


1. Draw a pattern for the cut to be made to the side pieces to support the gun on paper. The cut will remove a U-shaped channel, where the gun will rest, that leaves 2 1/2 of an inch along the back of the side piece and a 1 portion at the front to hold the gun in place. This leaves 1 3/4 of an inch to be removed for the gun holding channel from the 5 1/2-inch width of a normally milled 1-by-6-inch board.

2. Trace the above pattern onto the side of the board starting at the top of the board. Move the pattern down 1 foot and repeat until there are four of the gun holding hooks traced on the side of the board. Continue the lines from segment to segment to create a smooth flow of the cut for the four gun rack. Repeat the tracing on the other side piece.

3. Cut the 8-foot-long, 1-by-6 inch board into two 4 foot segments. Cut, following the traced lines, the gun supports using a jig or scroll saw. Sand the cut edges smooth using a spindle sander or hand held sandpaper and elbow grease.

4. Sand any rough edges or rough spots in the boards to a smooth finish. Finish the project with paint or stain as desired. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for the proper application of paint or stain.