Build A Custom Golf Cart Online

Custom golf carts take on many different personalities.

To build a custom golf cart with parts you’ve found online, determine what you want to spend what you want the finished product to look like. The amount of information and the products that are available on building golf carts are numerable. You could max out your credit card easily before you get the golf cart put together. When working with parts being shipped, formulate a plan from which you can work so that the build process isn’t hampered by removing parts you’ve just fitted.


1. Raise the golf cart onto jack stands in an area where you can work on it without having to move it around. Ideally, this location should be indoors in a garage or shed because parts shipped from online retailers may arrive at different times.

2. Create a list of the parts that you want to install onto the golf cart. Locate these parts at online retailers using your computer. Prices for not only the parts themselves, but also the shipping, will vary from retailer to retailer. Carefully shop several retailers to find the best prices.

3. Order the parts as you need them from the retailers or all at once if you wish. If you are ordering a few parts at a time, purchase suspension and engine performance components first, followed by body panels or paint. Finally, purchase trim or upholstery pieces. Working on the cart in this order prevents you from having to disassemble the cart if you purchase performance parts last.

4. Build the golf cart with the parts you ordered.