Build A Custom Rifle

Choose from a wide variety of calibers.

For many rifle enthusiasts there is nothing quite as special as a custom-made rifle that reflects the interests and capabilities of the owner. With the right tools, and some basic knowledge of how guns work, putting together a quality custom gun is surprisingly easy and cost effective.

The biggest challenge comes beforehand, when deciding which piece will work best with another. Having a trusted adviser, who is very knowledgeable about custom rifles, will help get you through the hard questions and into the actual building.


1. Choose the caliber that best fits your needs. Hunting big game requires a larger caliber than hunting smaller game. Many custom target rifles, such as those seen in the Olympics, are built around the .22 long rifle cartridge, the most popular in the world.

2. Pick the action from among bolt, lever, semi-automatic or single.

3. Select a barrel with the desired characteristics, including material, length, twist rate, bull or fluted, match qualities and weight. Screw the barrel into the action and bolt down following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use headspace gauges to ensure a proper fit.

4. Match the action and barrel against a close-fitting wood or synthetic stock. File away the unnecessary material from the stock and modify any openings to ensure a close fitting.

5. Attach the action and barrel to the modified and fitted stock. Check the feel and fit of the rifle to your shoulder and cheek. Modify the stock as necessary by using a wood rasp and sanding to obtain the best fit.