Build A Free Paintball Field

Build a Free Paintball Field

Paintball gets people up and running around and it fosters teamwork, as people often have to work together to win over the other team. While paintball is a healthy activity, you can spend a great deal of money quickly buying paintball guns and supplies. It is also expensive to play at public paintball fields. Build a free paintball field for you and your friends and you will be able to put more of your money towards your paintball gear.


1. Find a large area to play in. You can build a free paintball field in the woods, in an empty parking lot, or a large field. You may already have a usable area yourself or you may have a friend or family member who will let you use her land. Look for land that is either very far from other people or is in a valley with hills between you and other people. A paintball can travel far rather quickly and you do not want to endanger your neighbors.

2. Walk around the area where you will build your field. Use natural elements. A paintball player can hide in a natural gully or use trees and brush as cover. Pile up small rocks to form a wall or hide behind large boulders. Many of the elements already found on the land can help you create a field.

3. Call local construction or roofing companies, and ask if they have extra wooden pallets to give away. Use the pallets to make bunkers for the paintball players to hide behind. Camouflage these pallets with tree limbs and brush. Easily move pallets around to make a new field.

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4. Stack car or truck tires up in various places around your field. Paintball players can use these to hide behind or a team may even want to hide a player down inside the stack of tires if the tires are large enough. Readjust the tires in different combinations.

5. Gather wood from construction sites after asking for permission. Create buildings, walls or even shields for paintball players to carry with scrap wood from other projects or construction sites that no longer have a use for the pieces.