Build A Halo Costume Easy

Halo is a popular game that allows you to face off against your friends to see who has the best shot. Known for their armor and weapons, Halo characters work well as ideas for any costume party. You can create the costume from items found around your house, or buy some inexpensive items from the store to complete your look. Get several of your friends to join you and stage a mock Halo battle in your front yard.


1. Choose whether you want your costume to be red or green. Your face mask and armor will all be this color. Purchase a paintball helmet with a visor and spray paint it the appropriate color if you cannot find a red or green helmet. Alternatively, you can make your costume all black.

2. Put on a tight pair of black pants and a black, long sleeve shirt. Wear black shoes if possible. Your shoes can also be red or green to match your armor.

3. Put on elbow and knee pads in your chosen armor color. If you own paintball armor, you can wear this instead of the knee and elbow pads. It will look more realistic, but the paintball armor is more expensive to buy if you don’t already own a set.

4. Use either a protective set of paintball gloves or simply a pair of thick gloves in your chosen color. For more flexibility, consider a pair of fingerless cloth gloves.

5. Carry a fake black gun as your weapon. If you do not have a plastic gun, buy a cheap toy gun and spray paint it black. You can also carry your gun in one hand and a plastic grenade in another. These can be purchased at a toy store, or you can simply use a green foam or rubber ball and insert a piece of silver wire into it. Bend the wire in a circle and insert the other end into the ball to form the grenade pin.