Build A Knife Throwing Tripod

The three legs of a tripod must be joined properly.

A knife throwing target can consist of anything from shipping pallets to bails of hay. One common type of target is a tripod mount, which allows the target to be easily elevated to the thrower’s eye level. A tripod will remain stable when impacted by the knife, and it is much more mobile than a four-legged structure because the tripod can be folded up and hauled away. Construction of this useful target stand is simple.


1. Bolt the legs together. The legs should meet at the top of the tripod. Drill through each leg, then insert the bolt through all three. Fasten the wing nut on the bolt, leaving a few inches of “wiggle room” for the legs.

2. Attach the wood scraps to the front legs. The leg which is in between the others on the bolt will be the back leg. The other two legs will face forward. Screw a piece of scrap wood onto each of the front legs at the same height. The scraps should extend forward on the legs to make a rest for the tree trunk section. Make sure the scraps are sturdy enough and at the same height so that the trunk section will rest securely in place.

3. Rope together the legs. Insert a screw halfway into the outside of each leg. Then insert another screw one inch above each of these screws. Tie a rope around the legs so that it falls between the screws. This will ensure that your legs do not expand too wide and collapse.

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4. Place the trunk section on the scraps of wood. You may tilt the tripod wider or narrower using longer or shorter pieces of rope. The trunk section should rest on the front legs at your eye level. The trunk section works as your target. It is thick, durable and will hold a properly thrown knife.