Build A Paintball Bunker

Paintball is a sport that is played in over 75 countries around the globe. The sport of paintball is considered an action adventure sport where teams with as little as three persons compete using guns that shoot paint encased in a gelatin shell. Paintball is most fun when played in an “army” setting or “village”. Does this Spark an idea?


Create Your Low Wall

1. Place 3 tires on the ground, flush against each other, on a 45 degree angle.

2. Stack 2 tires on top of the ones you just placed to form 3 columns.

3. Measure 5′ from the end of the first tire column.

4. Stack the remaining tires in the same fashion as the first set beginning at the 5′ mark.

Building and Securing Your High Wall

5. Move your plywood into place by placing it, long side on the ground, in front of the tire column so that one end is two inches in front of the tires.

6. Hammer your stakes in front of the plywood so that they are flush against it, beginning at the far end and working toward the center.

7. Stack cinder blocks three blocks high in front of the plywood running horizontal and beginning with a base along the length of the plywood.

8. Make a base of cinder blocks behind the plywood with the smooth sides facing up and making the base three rows back.

9. Stack cinder blocks three high behind the plywood and two high behind the first row, keeping the flat ends of the cinder blocks facing up.

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Touch Ups and Additions

10. Cut four small holes with your saw through the back of the plywood an inch above the top of the cinder blocks with two near the sides and two close to the center.

11. Using your glue make thick lines across the top of the cinder blocks on the first row behind the plywood and repeat along the side and on the second base.

12. Lay your horse blanket on the cinder blocks and press down to adhere them with the glue, press against the side and the top of the second base.