Build A Paintball Cannon

Making a paintball cannon is an inexpensive and moderately simple project. Once completed, paintballs can be added for firing at targets, or during tournaments. The paintball cannon should not be fired within two feet of another person, windows or animals. Paintball tournaments may have specific rules governing the use of paintball cannons at tournaments.


1. Apply PVC cement glue to a 3-inch PVC coupling. Use sponge to add PVC cement around the rim and inside the coupling.

2. Attach the 3-inch threaded PVC adapter cap to the coupling. Press firmly to secure.

3. Apply PVC cement adhesive to the three and 3 1/2-inch adapter. Screw the adapter to the remaining coupling.

4. Cut the 3-inch PVC pipe with the hacksaw. Cut PVC pipe to a size which will leave only 2 inches of pipe showing when attached between the assembled coupling pieces.

5. Attach the coupling assembly pieces to either side of the cut PVC pipe by screwing the adapter ends onto the pipe.

6. Drill a dime-sized holed into the center of the attached pipe.

7. Add PVC adhesive cement with the sponge to the inside of the 1 1/2 inch adapter. Insert the 1 1/2-inch pipe to the adapter. Press firmly to secure to PVC cement adhesive.

8. Tape together gas grill ignition switch wires. Use an ignition switch with wires at least ten inches long. Insert the grill switch wires through the PVC pipe hole. Make sure grill ignition switch button is visible, with switch pulled firmly toward the pipe.

Peel back the wire coating one-half of an inch from the end of each wire with pliers. Sparks from the ignition switch will bounce between wires when active.

Spray aerosol hairspray inside the cannon. Put cannon on a holder or the ground, and press grill ignition switch. Do not hold cannon in the hands, or fire within two feet of a human or pet.

9. Remove the PVC end cap, and fill paint ball cannon with newspaper. Place paintballs inside the cannon. Add more newspaper to secure paintballs.