Build A Rifle Case

A rifle case protects your weapons as you transport them, sparing them the jostling and scratching they might suffer otherwise. A soft case can be more convenient, but a hard case provides the best protection.


1. Lay one of the 60 by 18 boards flat on the ground, and use Gorilla glue to attach the two 60 by 6 inch boards standing on their sides running along the 60 inch edges of the board.

2. Glue in the 17 by 6 inch boards along the 18 inch end of the big board. The ends should fit snugly in between the two 60 by 6 inch boards. You now have an open-topped box six inches deep, measuring 60 by 18 inches.

3. Wait for the glue to dry, and then flip the case over. Use the finishing nails to fully and firmly attach the seams you have glued. Secure with nails every four to six inches.

4. Flip the box over again, so that the top is open, and place the last 18 by 60 board on top. Do not seal it with glue, just lay it across the boards, where it should fit flush.

5. Attach the hinges along one 60 inch top edge, securing the loose top board with one of the two 60 by 6 boards. The hinges should be attached about 12 inches from the corners (30 to 36 inches away from each other). Be careful while attaching the hinges not to dislodge the top board. Make sure it remains flush with the rest of the case the entire time.

6. Attach the clasps to the other edge of the top board. They should be in similar positions, 12 inches from the corners of the case, joining the top board with the other 60 by 6 board. Open and close the top lid, and practice latching the clasps when the case closes to be sure they are aligned correctly.

7. Stand the case upright. The 60 by 6 board with the hinges is the bottom of the case; the 60 by 6 board with the clasps is the top.

8. Measure the top carefully to find the center, and attach the handle there. The center of the handle should be 30 inches from each end of the case.

9. Open the case and line the inside of each 60 by 18 board with Gorilla glue. Insert the eggshell foam pads, with the eggshell sides away from the glue. Align them carefully and press them firmly into place. These pads will hold the rifles in place and protect them from jostling in transit. Trim the pad on the lid as necessary to allow it to close easily.