Build A Speedball Field

A derivative of paintball, speedball is a fast and furious game that stresses the use of bunkers during competition. Pioneered in Southern California out of little more than an open field and some plywood, the formalization of speedball helped to jump start the popularization of this now beloved sport. Luckily, speedball fields can be created by most any ambitious amateur. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Locate your site. A speedball field should be located far from cars, pedestrians and other easily-damaged non-participants. But ideally, your speedball site should be easily accessible to players, and shouldn’t need to be taken down after each and every game.

2. Measure out your field. A typical speedball field measures about 50-60 yards long, and 30-40 yards wide. The ground should be flat, and as free as possible of holes, rocks and trees.

3. Construct your bunkers. Bunkers can be made out of anything from plywood to tires to old washing machines, although you can also use the official, inflatable types. The bunkers should, however, be stable enough to not get knocked over by players.

4. Place a small bunker in the back center of each team’s territory. This will be the starting position for each team.

5. Set up the rest of your field to your heart’s content, although each team should have the same number of bunkers, and they should be kept fairly symmetrical across the field. Keep the center of your speedball field relatively open, to allow for shooting lanes and easy running.

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