Build A Tennis Ball Antenna Launcher

An antenna gives you a connection to the outside world.

Mounting an antenna high in a tree can be tricky. Raising that much weight in that awkward of a form is virtually impossible. The solution to this problem is to lift the antenna with a rope. Getting a rope up the tree can be done in different ways. A tennis ball launcher can help you to get the whole assembly where it needs to be in the tree and have a bit of fun in the process. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Sand the outside of the last 3 inches of one end of each PVC pipe. Sand both inside edges of the coupling with the sandpaper. Wipe all three pieces with a clean cloth to remove debris. Apply PVC primer onto the sanded surfaces. Apply PVC glue over the primer and slide the pipes into the coupler. Allow the glue 10 minutes to cure.

2. Slide the 1 1/2-inch end of the assembly over the barrel of the paintball gun and secure the two pieces with duct tape. Wrap the tape around the pipe, the barrel and the seam between the gun and pipe 10 times. Lay one end of the fishing line on top of the tape after the fifth wrap and secure it to the assembly with the last half of the layer of tape.

3. Tear off a 1-inch piece of duct tape from its roll. Apply three drops of instant glue to the sticky side of the tape. Secure the free end of the fishing line on the tennis ball with the glue covered tape. Allow the glue two minutes to cure.

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4. Pull the fishing line to the 3-inch pipe and wrap it around the PVC leaving only 1 inch remaining. Slide the tennis ball into the 3-inch opening. Aim the entire assembly into the air, disengage the safety and pull the trigger to launch the tennis ball.