Build A Tippmann X7

Tippmann products are made for paintball games.

Building a Tippmann X7 means customizing the paintball weapon. The Tippmann X7 is built to be modular, so adding the accessories of your choices is as easy as using a series of push pins on the weapon. A variety of accessories to build your X7 are offered by Tippmann, including custom grips, extra ammo clips, gas lines and scopes. Build yours according to your needs and tastes.


1. Slide the Tippman gas cartridge onto the bar brackets at the top of the weapon. Unlatch the push pins on the side of these brackets by pushing the pin up and then out the opposite side hole on the weapon. Once removed, position the gas cartridge so the holes align with the bracket holes and then slide the push pins back in, and push the lever into the down position.

2. Push the gas cartridge hose into the Tippman X7 at the ammo clip attachment nozzle. Open the nozzle by pushing the lever to the open position and place the hose over the exposed nozzle. Push the lever into the closed position to secure the gas chamber.

3. Release the push pin at the upper outside corner of the grip to change grips or to secure the grip that comes with the Tippmann X7. Slide the grip over the trigger and click into the housing. Push the pin through the holes on the grip to secure it in position.

4. Push the ammo clip up and into the ammo chamber after pushing the chamber lever down to the open position. Push the clip into the chamber with the ball chambers on the upper portion of the clip. Push the lever to close the clip in position.

5. Slide the rear sight over the mounting railing on the back of the Tippmann X7. Slide the push pin through the sight’s holes onto the X7 to secure it.