Build A Turbo Controller For The Xbox 360

Modding your Xbox 360 controller for turbo firing takes a bit of technical know-how.

If you are thinking about modifying your Xbox 360 controller, you might want to consider a turbo mod. This customization adds turbo to the left and right triggers on the controller, allowing rapid fire shooting in various video games. It’s a very convenient add-on that unfortunately requires a little bit of technical know-how, and the complete disassembly of your controller.


1. Unplug your Xbox 360 controller from the console and turn it over.

2. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove all seven of the screws located on the back of the controller. Set the screws aside.

3. Use your fingers to gently pry the back of the controller from the front and expose the green circuit board in the front half of the controller. Set the back half of the controller aside.

4. Locate the right trigger in the corner of the controller. There is a small hole just under the trigger. Insert the tip of your paperclip into the hole and fold the rest of the paperclip so it is flush against the side of the trigger. This allows the trigger on the controller to be used without having to be pushed all the way in.

5. Use electrical tape to secure the paperclip to the trigger and then reassemble the controller in the reverse order you took it apart. You have now enabled turbo fire on your Xbox 360 controller.