Build Airsoft Tree Forts

Airsoft, a game similar to paintball played with small plastic BB’s as opposed to paint pellets, is a popular game combing military strategy as well as accuracy with a gun. When constructing a field for Airsoft, a well-placed tree fort can provide a unique tactical experience.


1. Identify a suitable tree. In addition to being in a location which will allow for fun tactical use in the game, you want a tree which forks out three directions, all of a solid width to support the fort.

2. Cut steps to climb into the fort of of the 2×4’s. Steps should be about two feet wide, and you will need one placed every two feet from ground level to the level of the fort.

3. Create a frame for the fort by cutting three 2×4’s, each long enough to span one of the three gaps between the tree’s three forks, and nailing them in place as such, creating a triangle.

4. Cut the 2″ by 8″ planks so that they can create a floor atop this frame, and nail them in place.

5. Walls can be made for your fort, if desired, by nailing two three-foot-long 2×4’s to each of the sides which the rungs do not lead to.

6. Cut two pieces of plywood to match the wall posts added on the two sides of the fort.

7. Use the power screwdriver to attach the plywood to the beams and finish your walls.

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