Build An Airsoft Launcher

Several clubs in the United States devote time and energy to MILSIM using airsoft guns and launchers. Penn State Airsoft Club defines MILSIM as military simulation by civilians for fun. Players use military conduct when operating MILSIM games. This is also another word for airsoft. Several states have devoted airsoft clubs where players can make weapons, meet at agreed upon locations and use tactical plans to destroy the “enemy.”


1. Put down newspaper or tarp on a solid work surface. Make the copper cap first by placing the spring on the work area. Affix the copper cap to one end of the spring and apply bonding glue where the cap meets the spring. The bonding material needs one full day to dry.

2. Lay one PVC pipe on the work surface. Use the drill to make a hole into the side of the pipe one inch from the bottom. Make another hole in the middle of the pipe or six inches from the bottom.

3. Put the spring into the pipe in the end opposite of the copper cap. Push one nail into and through the bottom hole. The nail goes into the spring to secure the two pieces together.

4. Take the pipe fitting and screw it in on the bottom, to the side of the hole. Screw the second piece of PVC pipe into the pipe fitting. This will join both sections of PVC pipe together. Cut the second PVC pipe into a point using the hacksaw. Stock is stored in the point. The point should only be 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the second PVC pipe.

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5. Use the 1/2-inch PVC pipe and slide it into the first piece of PVC pipe. Force the copper cap down with the pipe; this compresses the spring.

6. Use a nail to hold the spring in place. Locate the copper cap on the airsoft launcher; push nail into the hole in front of the cap.

7. Form modeling clay into a cylinder. Push the cylinder into the pointed end of the second PVC pipe; the cylinder should lie against the nail located in the center of the PVC pipe.

8. Take the launcher outside. Face the pointed end toward your body and place on your shoulder. Use a pre-made target to aim the launcher at. Fire the rocket by removing the nail from the center of the pipe.