Build An Airsoft Tank

The term “airsoft” applies to commercial and homemade weapons and equipment that duplicate real weapons used by soldiers, although the non-lethal use is designed for use by hobbyists and “war game” enthusiasts. You can build your own “tank” to provide both protection and assault capabilities during airsoft games. A golf cart will be adapted for this purpose, with supplies from a hardware store and hobby shop also necessary. Tools that most hobbyists already have on hand will be needed as well.


1. Measure the height and width of the open compartment on both sides of the golf cart. Write these measurements down on a piece of paper. Measure the width and height of the open space on the front and back of the golf cart. Write these measurements down on the piece of paper.

2. Purchase 1-inch thick pieces of plywood large enough to make the sections that were written down. Have the hardware store cut the plywood to these dimensions.

3. Drill a series of holes down the two sides of the plywood section with a portable drill, starting a 1/2 inch down from the upper left corner and 1 inch in. Stop drilling when you reach the bottom of the plywood section. Repeat this procedure with the other side of the plywood section.

4. Place the plywood section against the vertical poles that are on the left and right sides of the golf cart where the passenger sits. Run plastic twist ties through the holes and around the vertical poles. Tie the twist-ties down to secure the plywood section to the side of the golf cart. Repeat this entire procedure with the other plywood section and the driver’s side of the golf cart. Repeat this entire procedure with the front and back of the golf cart.

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5. Stand on the hood of the golf cart and climb into the cab and sit in the driver’s seat Draw a 5-inch by 7-inch rectangle against the plywood facing you at about eye level with the grease pencil. Cut out the outline with the hand saw.

6. Cover the hole with thick layers of cellophane wrap. Tape the cellophane wrap to the sides of the plywood with masking tape.

7. Repeat this entire procedure to make another rectangle, only this time facing the passenger seat. Repeat this entire procedure to make yet another rectangle to the right of the first one, only half the size. Leave this opening uncovered.

8. Have you and your “gunner” enter your “airsoft tank.” Place the barrel of an airsoft rifle through the uncovered hole. Start the engine and plow into the “enemy” as your gunner fires from the safety of the tank you have made.