Build An Outdoor Paintball Field

A paintball rifle being used on a paintball field

Building a paintball field not only provides a place for you to play paintball with your friends, it also gives you the fulfillment and excitement of playing on a field that you designed yourself. While a forest may provide plenty of places to hide and take cover in, building walls, bunkers and other forms of cover can make your paintball game even more exciting. These additions to your new playing field can be quick and easy to make.


1. Choose a piece of land that you are allowed to play on and that has safe terrain with plenty of trees and large rocks. Small streams, tall grass and trails are also desirable in a paintball field.

2. Mark the edges of your paintball field by spraying boundary lines on the ground and marking trees with spray paint. Make sure these boundaries are highly visible to prevent players from getting too far away or trespassing on surrounding property.

3. Mound piles of dirt that are 1 or 2 feet tall throughout your paintball field. Placement of these mounds is not important; just space them fairly equally across the field.

4. Cut sheets of plywood to varying sizes. Hammer these boards to the bottom of trees to provide areas to hide behind. Boards can range in size from 2 feet wide to 8 feet wide.

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