Build Your Own Full Size Paintball Tank Apv

This player won’t even stand a chance against your APV.

If your team has an armored personnel vehicle, capable of resisting any onslaught of paint balls and allowing you to trudge forward in battle while hosting an offensive retaliation–well, your team will probably end up on top. Such a vehicle is possible to build from simple materials because paint balls can’t penetrate glass, wood or even thick cloth. Your vehicle is also highly customizable, with millions of options and ideas able to be incorporated into the design.


1. Craft a design before purchasing materials. You are going to want to cover all openings into the vehicle’s interior in a way that protects the occupants, but also allows them to return fire and see.

2. Measure the dimensions of the window or opening.

3. Cut plywood to fit window, with 1 or 2 inches overhang all around.

4. Cut desired window-hole in the plywood sheet with the saw. This will later be covered with fabric, allowing for return fire and visibility.

5. Attach the plywood over the window with the wood-to-metal screws and electric drill. If the angle of the window is too steep to allow one piece to cover it, cut the piece in half and attach them together at the proper angle.

6. Cut your heavy cloth into appropriate sizes for the openings in your new plywood windows.

7. Nail the cut cloth around the opening on all four corners with the hammer and small nails, leaving slack to allow you to slide the barrel of a paintball gun out, but also tight enough to catch or stop paint balls.

8. Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for each window or opening.