Build Your Own Holiday Package

Travel websites allow you to build your own holiday travel packages.

During the holiday season, travel in the United States increases. You might be visiting your family and friends back home, or taking a romantic vacation somewhere warm and tropical or cold and holiday-like. Whatever your reason for travel during the holidays, travel websites allow you to book complete holiday packages, which include everything– your flight, your hotel, your rental car and even holiday activities. By building your own package, you get to choose every last detail yourself.


1. Select a travel website such as, or (See References.) Each offers you a number of vacation packages to choose from.

2. Visit the travel website of your choice. Choose the link for “Vacation Packages” and click on it.

3. Check the boxes indicating your travel needs, such as flights, hotels and rental cars or any combination.

4. Enter your departure and destination cities and choose your travel dates. The holiday season typically consists of days around Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. But you can book your holiday travel for any holiday throughout the year.

5. Choose the number of hotel rooms you’d like to book and the number of travelers in your party by age. Depending on the travel website you are using, you might be asked to enter the age of any children younger than 18 in the party. Click “Search.”

6. Browse the list of holiday vacation packages offered. Choose from specific flights, hotels and rental car types. Select your favorites from the list to build your package.

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7. Review and confirm your holiday vacation package before you submit your personal information, payment information and itinerary.