Build Your Paintball Gun

Paintballs can be dangerous if suitable safety equipment isn’t worn.

Paintball is a popular pastime. Participants rent equipment or, if the bug really bites, purchase their own. Paintball guns can be expensive but you can build one. The device can be built in less than an hour and is particularly ideal if you want to organize your own paintball games.


1. Using a hacksaw, cut the PVC pipe into three lengths of 1 inch and four lengths of 3 inches. Pay careful attention to cutting and measuring the individual pieces. An exact cut will assist in assembling the components. Apply a coat of PVC primer to the ends of each piece of cut pipe. Let them dry for two minutes.

2. Glue the end of each piece of pipe with PVC glue. Attach a T-connector and an elbow to either end of one of the 1-inch pieces. The T-connector should be fitted through an arm and not the perpendicular base. Lay the assembled pieces on a flat table to ensure uniform alignment. Repeat the process with another piece of 1-inch pipe.

3. Connect the two assembled pieces together using two of the 3-inch pieces of PVC pipe. This will create a rectangle that will serve as the body of your paintball gun. Lay the assembly on the table, making sure the elbows are facing to the right and the T-connector openings are to the left. On the upper left T-connector opening, insert another piece of 3-inch PVC piping and fit the PVC ball valve to the opposite end. To create the barrel, add a piece of the 1-inch PVC pipe to the opposite end of the ball valve.

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4. Drill a small hole into the center of a PVC end cap that will hold the tire valve stem. Apply a light application of plumbing adhesive to the inside of the end cap and insert the tire valve stem into position so a full seal is created. Once the end cap has dried, add the final piece of 3-inch PVC pipe to the remaining T-connector hole. Secure the PVC end cap onto the opposite end.

5. Attach a bicycle pump to the tire valve and pump several times to create pressure. Add paintballs through the remaining opening on the barrel and open the ball valve to fire them. Try different levels of pressure with the bicycle pump to see how far your paintballs will fire.