Buy A Gun Or Firearm Online

Buying a gun and firearm accessories online.

Buying a gun online opens you up to a larger selection of firearms and accessories. Before purchasing a gun online, you need to know that a firearm or firearm accessories will not ship to your house; they will be shipped to a local gun dealer instead. When you go to pick up your firearm from a local gun dealer, you will have to show proper identification and undergo a background check in order to receive your gun.


1. Contact your local FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer to arrange for them to conduct the firearm transfer; the FFL will receive the firearm in your name from the online distributor. If you don’t know who your local dealer is, visit or

2. Find the gun you want to buy at some of the most popular secure websites are, and After you’ve selected a gun and firearm accessories, ask your local dealer fax in a copy of its FFL information to the online distributor.

3. Go to your local gun dealer, after he calls to confirm receipt of your purchase, to complete the necessary federal and/or state background check and fill out paperwork in order to claim your firearm. Some states require a waiting period before you may pick up your gun. If you aren’t sure if this applies to you, ask your local gun dealer.

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