Buy A Shot Gun

There are many reasons that lead individuals to purchase a shotgun–from hunting to personal or home defense. Buying a shotgun is moderately difficult and actually requires very few steps. However, the biggest step involved may actually involve the decision-making process to determine which shotgun will most adequately fit the buyer’s needs.


1. Determine the type and gauge of shotgun to be purchased. Shotguns are available as single-shot break-open models, side-by-side or double barrels, over-and-under barrels, pumps and automatics. Shotguns are also commonly available in .410, 20, 12, and 16 gauge. The gauge will correspond to power as well as shoulder kick.

2. Fill out the required paperwork for a criminal background check. Make sure to fill in all information to the best of your knowledge and do not omit any information. A fee will typically be involved with running the background check.

3. Purchase the shotgun once the background check returns clear. Most stores will accept various types of payment, with the exception of personal check. Keep in mind that paying for a firearm with a credit card and defaulting on the card by failing to pay can be considered a criminal act and may be punishable by law.

4. Purchase any needed accessories with the shotgun such as a case for storage or transport, shotgun shells, hearing protection, eye protection and targets. As with almost any sport, there are myriad accessories available for purchase.

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