Buy A Tattoo Gun

A tattoo gun is used to push tattoo ink into a person’s skin to create permanent body art. This piece of equipment is a key element to being a successful tattoo artist. Before purchasing a tattoo gun, do some research to ensure you’re getting a great machine for the right price.


1. Learn tattoo gun metals. Learning which metals make the best machines is important so you won’t purchase a machine that may break during tattooing because it’s made of a weak metal. A tattoo gun should be made of a high quality metal, such as iron, copper or brass to ensure durability.

2. Decide what type of tattoo gun you want. If you’re just starting out, you may want to consider buying a separate tattoo liner and tattoo shader. Although you can buy a single machine that will do both, they tend to be more powerful and require more adjustments, or tuning.

3. Shop around at tattoo supply companies. Once you’ve decided what type of gun you want and the best metals to look for, you’ll want to find a tattoo supply company. Look through their catalogs, do some price comparisons, read any feedback available on each specific company and tattoo gun and never be afraid to ask questions.

4. Peruse tattoo magazines. If you need help finding tattoo supply companies, many of them will advertisement in various tattoo publications. Here you will find their contact information and website address, if available.

5. Shop on eBay. You can usually find all sorts of tattooing supplies on eBay including tattoo guns. A newbie relies on the person selling the equipment to know what they’re talking about. If they’re truly professional, they should have a website or professional catalog they can mail you and be able to answer any questions you may have.

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6. Compare prices. You can find tattoo guns as low as $50 or as high as several hundred dollars. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is definitely true when it comes to tattoo machines. Although you don’t have to buy the top of the line, most expensive model available, you most likely won’t get the performance you want out of a lower end model either. Try looking in the middle somewhere.

7. Talk to other tattoo artists. Many artists develop a preference other the years for everything from what brand of ink they like to who they feel sells the best tattoo guns.

8. Think about your own preferences. There are tons of different types and styles of tattoo guns available including those with fancy designs covering the electromagnetic coils. You may even end up purchasing more than one tattoo gun before you find one that completely fits your needs.

9. Check the warranty. Even high quality machines sometimes have problems.