Buy Air Pistols

If you have a son or daughter about 14 years old they may be interested in air pistols. Air pistols are a good introduction to the world of firearms because they require little cleaning and maintenance to operate properly, unlike most bolt action rifles, and they’re lighter and have no kickback like a shot gun.


1. Think about fit, form and function for the air pistols you’re looking to buy. There’s a wide range of air pistols from cute little air soft pistols to realistic tactical air pistols with laser sights and combat grips, with muzzle velocities of 380 feet per second or more that look extremely realistic and can shoot your eye out.

2. Check the age rating on the air pistols you buy, especially if it’s for a minor. All Daisy brand air rifles and pistols now have an age-appropriate rating. Most air pistols recommend that a 16 year old is an appropriate age for air pistol ownership.

3. Buy a quality air pistol from a trusted retailer and manufacturer. Daisy has been manufacturing air pistols and rifles for years and buying from an established manufacturer ensures you’re getting what you paid for.

4. Expect to pay around 100 dollars for good quality air pistols, though there are much cheaper models for around 20 dollars, called air soft pistols, suitable for younger kids. As with anything, you get what you pay for so look for quality air pistols like those carried at Cabela’s and other sporting goods stores with prices ranging from less than 30 to over 250 dollars.

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5. Get air pistols with integrated rails so you can mount tactical accessories such as red dot sights and lights. Buy a combat laser air pistol such as the Gamo R-77 that’s outfitted with a swing-out eight shot cylinder, combat grip and finger grooves for non-slip, double-action shooting.