Buy Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is used as a covering for numerous types of surfaces. Artificial turf can be placed in batting cages, football fields, soccer fields, mounds, dugouts, landscaped areas, patios and other areas where you want a grass-like look without planting seed. Keep the following in mind when you buy artificial turf.


1. Measure the coverage area. You will need the square footage of the area prior to receiving a quote on the artificial turf.

2. Determine whether you want infill or no infill for your artificial turf. Infill artificial turf has more of a natural feel and uses sand or other particles to make the synthetic grass stand up. If you are using it for aesthetic purposes, no infill would be a more practical choice.

3. Browse the different types of artificial turf available. Besides mats, the two main choices most retailers will have are grass-like and carpet-like pieces. The carpet-like pieces will likely have foam padding while grass likely will have synthetic blades of grass and possible infill.

4. Review their pricing options. Retailers of artificial turn will likely give you a price per square foot which will likely only include the product and not installation costs. Field Turf has been used by many sports teams and is an appropriate choice for large-scale installation projects. Artificial Turf Supply is more suitable for residential uses.

5. Save by buying used or overstock pieces of artificial turf. Some retailers will sell artificial turf that has been previously used in large professional or college stadiums. If it has some wear, you will pay less and can still use it in fields, dog runs, dugouts and paintball facilities. For example, On Deck Sports sells used artificial turf.

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