Buy Clothes For Pms Bloat

Buy Clothes for PMS Bloat

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) involves a combination of symptoms that occur in women right before they get their period. Many women who suffer from PMS feel irritable, bloated and experience cramping. If you get PMS often, you may want to buy a set of clothes that you can wear during this time, so that you remain comfortable.


1. Go to a discount store that sells athletic and casual clothing. You don’t need to go to a high-end retailer to buy clothes that you are going to wear during your period.

2. Choose a size that is bigger than your normal size. Since you feel bloated with PMS, you need to buy roomy clothes. One size larger should be adequate.

3. Invest in a comfortable pair of sweatpants. Feel free to break out the sweatpants when you are suffering from PMS bloat. They are essential when you feel discomfort in your abdominal area.

4. Purchase granny panties. Although not the most fashionable choice, larger underwear keeps you comfortable and can be used in the case of period staining.

5. Look into comfortable socks and shoes. Many women also experience swelling in their extremities. Slip-on shoes are ideal for a woman who is dealing with PMS.