Buy Scuba Tanks For Paintball

Paintball is an extreme sport characterized by guns, called “markers,” which use compressed air to fire paint-filled gelatinous balls at high speeds. Players enter simulated urban or wooden environments for matches that play out similarly to military training exercises. The tanks used for paintball are very similar to those sold by SCUBA supply stores, and the lower cost of having SCUBA tanks refilled makes the prospect of using them very appealing for many paintball enthusiasts.


1. Determine the capacity and operating pressure required by your paintball marker. The specifications page of the manual usually gives this information.

2. Visit the local SCUBA supply stores in your area. It is best to shop locally because of federal regulations restricting the shipping of tanks and other pressurized equipment.

3. Check for tanks of the required capacity. Look for those that are compact and lightweight while still meeting the requirements of your paintball marker.

4. Ask the dealer for its refill cost and replacement policy. Many dealers will offer a discount for equipment purchased from them directly.