Buy Star Trek Uniforms On Sale

Because “Star Trek” TV shows have not really been popular for more than a decade, getting a Star Trek uniform on sale is relatively easy. Although the big screen rework of the original Star Trek characters brought the show new fans, these uniforms typically only become popular in the mainstream during Halloween. But there is always a market for hardcore fans. The key to finding inexpensive Star Trek uniforms is to buy either immediately after Halloween or three to six months after Oct. 31. Does this Spark an idea?


Buying Star Trek Uniforms on Sale

1. Wait for Halloween to come and go and head to a local store that sells costumes on Nov. 1. Stores that merely stock Halloween costumes such as Target or Wal-Mart will probably not reduce their prices on Star Trek uniforms as much as temporary Halloween costume stores that only rent sales space, so go to a Halloween store first. If the price is not to your satisfaction the day after Halloween, try taking a chance on the uniform still being there and costing less a week later.

2. Go to a Web site that specializes in Halloween costumes like or These Web sites sell Star Trek uniforms year round, but do their best business in the month or two leading up to Halloween. The best time to get a deal on a Star Trek costume is in the spring when few people are thinking about their Halloween costumes.

3. Surf over to eBay if you can’t find a good deal on Star Trek costumes at Halloween costume Web sites. Don’t look for a Star Trek uniform on eBay during September and October because the demand rises along with the cost. Look any time from immediately after Halloween to midsummer.

4. Visit an outlet center or liquidation store in November. Many stores sell their excess inventory to these discount stores and the best time to find them is right after Halloween. You may even get lucky and come across a bulk addition of costumes at other times during the year.