Camo A Paintball Gun

Learn camouflage your paintball gun

Paintballing is often a hectic affair with players darting from tree to tree while spraying balls of paint at any opponent in sight. Oftentimes, players prefer a slower, more stealthy form of play. In these cases, camouflage is an absolute necessity. While finding camouflage for your body is as easy as trying on a few camo coats and pants, camouflaging the reflective components of your paintball gun can be a bit more complicated, but no less important in remaining unseen.


1. Wrap your gun barrel in camo tape. Take your time and wrap slowly to ensure that every millimeter of metal or plastic is covered in tape. Start from the muzzle and wrap toward the middle of your gun. If there are any gas ports in the barrel, use a sharp hobby knife to cut away the camo tape atop the ports.

2. Wrap the gun’s forward hand grip next. Be sure to apply a small strip across the grip’s base before wrapping up the sides towards the gun’s middle. It is important to tape the gun’s “extremities” before attempting to tape its main body.

3. Wrap the gas hose leading from the gun’s base to the paintball loading chamber. You may wish to tear long, thin strips of camo tape for this procedure, rather than using the fatter, more unwieldy strips.

4. Wrap the rear gun grip and trigger guard with your camo tape. Try to wrap the tape so that the contours of the hand grip are preserved. If you’re having trouble keeping the tape straight, either use thin strips or make several small cuts along the edges of your tape. These cuts allow the tape’s edges to flare outward, making it much more flexible to use.

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5. Wrap your gun’s main body. This step will probably be the most time-consuming, as properly wrapping the uneven edges and contours of the main body will take some time to do properly. Remember to take your time and pull the tape tight as you go to avoid wrinkles.

6. Apply small strips of tape to any remaining metal or plastic, such as the trigger or cocking peg. When you are finished your gun should look similar to that image provided in the “Resources” section below. While that particular gun is actually coated in camouflage paint, a properly taped gun will look just as clean and natural.

7. Cover your paintball hopper in tape, as the hopper is one of the most noticeable parts of any paintball gun. Do not apply tape on the base connector. It is properly sized to fit into your paintball gun already and taping it will make it too large.