Camo Paint An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a popular war-simulation game, similar to paintball, only instead of firing paint-filled pellets at opponents, you fire small plastic BB’s. Most airsoft guns come in stock colors, either black or clear. While the guns still work and can look perfectly good as is, some players prefer to camouflage paint their guns. The camo look provides both a tactical edge as well as an aesthetically appealing finish.


1. Lay out newspaper in a well-ventilated area to prepare a spray station.

2. Tape off any portions of the gun you do not want to paint, such as scopes. Some players also like to leave the barrel unpainted, though this is a personal choice. While it is best not to aim spray down the barrel of the gun, it is not necessary to tape over the tip of the barrel.

3. Spray the entire gun with the khaki paint and allow to dry for at least an hour.

4. Turn the gun over, and spray the other side with khaki paint as well.

5. Spray one side of the gun with the dark forest green paint in an up-and-down zig-zag pattern, running from the butt of the gun to the barrel. Leave to dry.

6. Flip the gun over, and paint a similar zig-zag pattern on the other side of the gun. Leave to dry.

7. Spray the gun with the earth brown paint in several small, randomly placed patches. Repeat on the other side once dry.

8. Allow the paint to cure by leaving the gun out to dry for at least a week.