Camouflage A Paintball Gun

Paintball is an exciting sport that mimics battles and combat scenarios of real life military encounters, but does so with the lightheartedness of a game of tag. There are many different types of paintball games to play, one of which is known as woodsball. Woodsball is just what it sounds like, playing paintball in the woods and not on a designated field. Woodsball takes into account more guerrilla type tactics, such as playing as a sniper, using camouflage, sneaking tactics and other covert techniques. Camouflaged guns show up prevalently in woodsball and other paintball game scenarios. The process of camouflaging your paintball gun is fairly simple and, utilizing camouflaged fabric tape can be easily reversed if you want to sell or get rid of the gun.


1. Take the hopper off of the paintball gun and lay the gun on a flat surface. Unscrew the barrel from the gun body and use the screwdriver to remove the gun’s grip.

2. Unroll a length of tape along the back spine of the stock and continue down along the handle and trigger guard. Use strips of tape to cover every possible portion of the gun, making sure to lay the strips in overlapping rows to ensure good coverage.

3. Wrap the tape in a spiraling motion along the length of the barrel, leaving the threads exposed. Use any left over tape to cover your ball hopper. Screw the barrel back into the gun body and attach the grips back onto the stock of the gun.